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A reliable electrician company in Mountain Home plays a pivotal role in ensuring that homes, businesses, and public spaces are well-lit, secure, and fully operational. Our list of electricians is highly rated for electrical excellence and professionalism.


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Top 10 Electrician Companies in Mountain Home, Idaho

A to Z Lumber & Hardware Inc

  • Address: 999 Airbase Rd Mountain Home, ID 83647
  • Phone Number: (208) 587-3351
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (2)
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A And J Auto Repair

  • Address: 128 blue Lakes Blvd Twin Falls, ID 83301
  • Phone Number: (208) 944-9605
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (3)
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Affordable Fans – The Fan Doctor

  • Address: 9 Gumpas Hill Rd Pelham, NH 03076
  • Phone Number: (603) 635-6006
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (13)
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Alexander Technical Resources

  • Address: 1263 Glenwood Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30316
  • Phone Number: (877) 349-4830
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (25)
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Bannock Carpentry

  • Address: 331 Lavender St Pocatello, ID 83202
  • Phone Number: (208) 220-2570
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (11)
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  • Address: 715 West Pacific Blackfoot, ID 83221
  • Phone Number: (208) 346-3199
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (8)
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C.H Electric

  • Address: P.O. Box 371 Meridian, ID 83680
  • Phone Number: (208) 941-1457
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (1)
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Central Stone and Tile, LLC

  • Address: 112 E 38th St Ste 100 Garden City, ID 83714
  • Phone Number: (208) 917-9300
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (6)
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Complete Appliance Protection Inc

  • Address: 1532 NE 96th St Ste A Liberty, MO 64068
  • Phone Number: (800) 978-2022
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (25)
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Corey’s Auto Works

  • Address: 407 E Gould St Pocatello, ID 83201
  • Phone Number: (208) 232-9111
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (5)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find an electrician near me?

Ask Friends or Neighbors: Talk to your friends or neighbors. They might know a good electrician they trust. People usually like to share recommendations.

Use the Internet: Hop online and search for “electrician near me.” You’ll get a bunch of results showing electricians in your area. Check out their reviews to see if others had a good experience.

Check Local Directories: You can start with your local phone book or check online directories such as Wise Workman. Electricians often list their services there, and you can find ones close to you.

Ask at a Hardware Store: Pop into your local hardware store and ask the staff. They usually know who’s good in the area.

How much does an electrician cost near me?

Electricians usually charge by the hour, and that can be anywhere from $50 to $100. Some might throw in a service call fee, around 50 to 100 dollars just for showing up.

The job itself matters too—fixing a simple outlet is cheaper than tackling a big rewiring project. Also, where you live plays a part; big cities might be a bit pricier.

Best move? Get a few estimates from local electricians

What services need licensed electrician?

When it comes to electrical work, a licensed electrician is your go-to person for various tasks. If you add new wires or change the old ones, that’s their gig. Installing big things like a new electrical panel? Yep, that’s their turf too.

Moving or adding outlets and switches? It’s a job for a licensed electrician. When those big breaker things need fixing, you better call in the licensed electrician.

And if anything seems risky or involves messing with the main power lines, it’s a definite “go pro” situation.

What do electricians charge per hour?

It can vary, but usually, they charge between $50 to $100 per hour. That’s the usual ballpark. Keep in mind; this can change based on where you live and the specific job.

Should I hire residential or commercial electrician?

Deciding between a residential or commercial electrician depends on what you need.

Residential Electrician: They’re the go-to for home stuff—like fixing outlets, installing lights, or sorting out wiring issues at your place.

Commercial Electrician: If it’s for a business or a big building, that’s where commercial electricians shine. They handle more complex systems and bigger projects, like office buildings or factories.”

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