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The importance of hiring the right woodworking company cannot be overstated. It ensures the creation of durable, visually appealing, and functional woodwork that adds value to your living or working space. But when it comes to choosing a woodworking company, several crucial factors demand your attention.

To cut the chase, we have vetted these woodworking companies against their experience crafting specific woodworking needs, portfolio of past projects, transparent pricing, and a solid reputation in Malad City.


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Top 10 Woodworking Companies in Malad City, Idaho

Bannock Carpentry

  • Address: 331 Lavender St Pocatello, ID 83202
  • Phone Number: (208) 220-2570
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (11)
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College Pro Painters

  • Address: 130 Nickerson St Ste 311 Seattle, WA 98109
  • Phone Number: (800) 327-2468
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (14)
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Hampton Enterprise LLC

  • Address: 254 W Lawrence Harris Hwy Slocomb, AL 36375
  • Phone Number: (334) 648-3817
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (6)
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J & J Construction

  • Address: 420 Wilson Ave Blackfoot, ID 83221
  • Phone Number: (208) 427-3652
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (25)
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Jonathan Benson Custom Furniture

  • Address: 10842 Greene Dr Lorton, VA 22079
  • Phone Number: (703) 372-1871
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (4)
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Jorgensen Cabinets

  • Address: 85 N 4400 E Rigby, ID 83442
  • Phone Number: (208) 306-3371
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (4)
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Little Odds And Ends Construction

  • Address: PO Box 42 Chester, ID 83421
  • Phone Number: (208) 351-4080
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (2)
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Newt Construction LLC

  • Address: 6462 W Broadway St Idaho Falls, ID 83402
  • Phone Number: (208) 523-1666
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (3)
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Premier Doors & Millworks

  • Address: PO Box 2411 4771 Hwy 200 Thompson Falls, MT 59873
  • Phone Number: (406) 827-8800
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (10)
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  • Address: 131N N 3772 E Rigby, ID 83442
  • Phone Number: (208) 521-8259
  • Rating:
  • Verified Reviews: (1)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy wood for woodworking near me?

Several options are available if you want to purchase wood for woodworking projects. Major home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, and 84 Lumber commonly carry a variety of lumber suitable for woodworking projects.

Specialized woodworking retailers like Rockler and Woodcraft are also excellent choices for quality wood. Additionally, consider exploring local sawmills or lumberyards in your area, as they may offer unique wood selections.

What is the difference between a woodworker and a carpenter?

Woodworkers and carpenters, often used interchangeably, differ in their focuses. Woodworkers use hand and power tools to craft diverse items emphasizing design and precision.

Carpenters, associated with construction, engage in structural tasks like framing and installation on a larger scale. All carpenters are woodworkers, but ‘woodworker’ denotes a broader range of specialties beyond construction, highlighting the diverse scope of woodworking activities.

How do I find a good woodworker?

Ask Friends or Neighbors: Talk to your friends or neighbors. They might know a good woodworker they trust. People usually like to share recommendations.

Use the Internet: Hop online and search for “woodworker near me” You’ll get a bunch of results showing woodworkers in your area. Check out their reviews to see if others had a good experience.

Check Local Directories: You can start with your local phone book or check online directories such as Wise Workman. Woodworkers often list their services there, and you can find ones nearby.

Ask at a Hardware Store: Pop into your local hardware store and ask the staff. They usually know who’s good in the area.

How much does a woodworker cost?

The cost of hiring a woodworker varies based on multiple factors. The project’s complexity, materials, and required skill level contribute to the overall expense.

Skilled and experienced woodworkers charge higher rates, especially for custom or intricate designs. Geographic location and the local cost of living also influence pricing, with urban areas typically having higher rates.

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